TRUTH's musical style combines the powerful vocal ferociousness of international hiphop with the stories and tonal musicality of the African Ghetto Youth. Mister Deejay at Radiocity 97FM (Kampala, Uganda) writes that he is "optimistic about his future in the music industry. One to watch methinks." His peers are quick to agree. Saint Nelly Sade of Luga Flow Army says, "I like the flow and delivery. This boy is promising."


His first video, 'So Firm', narrates the difficulty in overcoming the obstacles of friends and family who would not support him as a teen. Raised by his mom in Western Uganda, TRUTH dreamed of becoming like the American rap artists he saw on television. He started writing rhymes by the time he was 12-years-old but often his own family would tell him to abondon such foolishness.


With a psychsomatic mind

I will wait for my shoes to dry

Hit the road, walk the Walk

Get in the booth and cry 


In his second music video, 'Go Get It', TRUTH steps into the Kampala neighborhood that he now calls home to encourage the ghetto youth to follow their dreams. In a sense the song is also self encouragement as TRUTH contnues to work to fulfill his own aspirations.


The third video, 'Chunda', is a return to TRUTH's Ankole roots, updating the Uganda music catalogue with a story about love and home and all things good. This song will make you want to dance and sing.


"I feel so good when I see the energy and how the people connect with hiphop in Uganda. ...when they feel like we have a representative. I think hiphop is growing in Uganda to a serious topic." - TRUTH



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